How Diverse Is the Cannabis Industry?

Find out just how far the canna-biz is from reflecting the diversity of its consumer base.

As sweet as legal weed smells, if you lean in close enough, you’ll detect something rotten. The canna-biz makes a lot of money and creates myriad job opportunities for entrepreneurs, budtenders, growers, chemists, trimmers, and many other positions, but not everybody has had the same chance to get in on the growth industry. So far, it has mostly benefited white men, failing to reflect the diversity of the plant’s consumers. For women and minorities, the struggle to get in on this growth industry continues. Watch this MERRY JANE News video to see just how homogeneous the canna-biz is, what is contributing to the lack of diversity, and what is being done to remedy the situation.

Written on February 15, 2017 by


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