1:1 THC to CBD ratio makes this strain ideal for pain and stress relief

  • Flower


  • Hybrid


  • Relaxed


  • Earthy



“Got my angels and my demons, and I think we all agree / If you're gonna go for something, better make it everything”

The golden crystals that cover Cannatonic, make this medical strain sparkle like the gem it is. Similar to Harlequin, Cannatonic is a hybrid strain for medical users who “Want It All.” A cross between Master Kush Ultra and G-13, this Medical Cannabis Cup-winner has a 1:1 THC/ CBD ratio. It won’t quite put you in a catatonic state but, Cannatonic delivers an extremely heavy body high that will likely keep you in one place. Cannatonic’s buds are dense and sticky but have an unremarkable earthy smell - don’t let your nose steer you wrong, if you're seeking relief from pain, muscle tension or inflammation, you won’t do better than Cannatonic. 

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