Grand Daddy Purple

Deep purple buds make for a sweet grape aroma and dreamy, full-body relaxation.

  • Flower


  • Indica


  • Relaxed


  • Grape



“I just smoked me some purple / Now I'm waiting for my high to come down.”

With dense deep purple buds and clusters of thick orange hairs completely covered in crystals, Grand Daddy Purple, also known as GDP, is almost too pretty to smoke. If you manage to stop staring at this natural work of art long enough to spark it up, you’ll see that he’s more than just a pretty face. A cross between indicas Big Bud and Urkle, Grand Daddy Purple has a delicious sweet grape flavor. The intense effects of GDP completely relax the body and the mind. Not a completely anti-social strain, Grand Daddy Purple encourages happiness but will slow you down enough that you won’t want to engage in any friendly debates until you wait for your “High 2 Come Down.”

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